Precious Beginnings Preschool

Pre-K Program

This is a stronger, advanced program designed to meet the developing needs of the older child who is preparing for kindergarten next year. We take our curiosity, imagination, creativity and our intellect to topics and experiences that have no limit Some of our recent themes were Bio-luminescence, The National Parks, and the Oregon Trail! We know how to mix learning and fun into an exciting program that includes math, science, art, music, literature and pretend play. Additional skills include alphabet & number recognition and a handwriting program using the acclaimed program, Handwriting Without Tears. All of the skills and concepts learned from the Read and Yellow Team experience allow children to put into action the ideas and processes being presented so that concepts and ideas make sense and the processes can be mastered.

Our Classroom is located on the first floor and enters from the front door into a sunny heated coatroom. Once inside, children find their coat hook and change from shoes to slippers. The Pre-K classroom has three walls of sunny windows, hardwood floors, a large classroom and and adjoining Quiet/Writing room, ceiling fans year round, and air conditioning in warm weather. There is a bathroom located inside the classroom. Three highly trained teachers interact with a maximum class size of 20 children.

Holidays and birthdays are always celebrated and we welcome visits from family members at any time.

Programs are open Monday through Friday with morning, afternoon or full day options. You can choose as few as two days a week to as many as five days a week.

 Mornings 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Afternoons 11:30 AM - 2:30 AM
 Full Days9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Morning Schedule

 9:00 Arrival & Coatroom
9:15  Morning Circle Time
 9:30 Free Play Hour & Snack Time
 10:30 Clean Up & Movement
10:45  Recall Time and Story
 11:00 Collect things for Home & Playground Time
 11:30 Morning Program Children Depart & Afternoon Children Arrive
 11:45 Inside to prepare for lunch
12:00  Lunch Time

Afternoon Schedule

 11:30 Outside Play Ground Time
 11:45 Inside to prepare for lunch
 12:00 Lunch Time
 12:30 Circle/Story or Activity
 1:00 New Afternoon Curriculum
 2:00 Snack Time
 2:15 Outside Play
 2:30 Depart for home

Teacher Ratio

Our teacher to student ratio is 1:6. One Teacher per six children. Exceeds State regulations.

Snack Time

Snack time happens during out Free Play Hour. Children decide when during the hour they would like to come to the snack table. This allows children to choose a small or large group of peers to eat with and encourages social interactions as well as self-help skills. We use this opportunity to introduce a variety of healthy new snack ideas, and to cook or blend the snacks we enjoy! Children are more willing to try new things when eating with a friend. We are sensitive and thoughtful regarding all food allergies within the program.

Making our own pancakes
Blending frozen smoothies
Thanksgiving fruit turkey

Drop off

Drop off happens at your car where a teacher greets your child and you and then escorts them into the playground while you drive off. No need to remove younger siblings or walk a child through oncoming cars in a busy parking lot. A safe and easy start to your and your child's day is important to us.

All children are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early at no charge, so that programs can begin promptly on time.

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