Safety is our first priority. Our school is a secure dedicated facility. We do not share or rent our space to any one else. The grounds are fenced and access is controlled during school hours.

The Grounds

Our property provides multiple areas of play for a variety of activities. Entry to the playground from the Front Door is via a stone walkway in a completely fenced in yard. Once inside the playground there are 3 areas for outdoor play.  

The first area is the Front Field, it has a space for T-ball, volley ball and other smaller game activities behind the backdrop of our very own Fenway Park Green Monster.  

The second area is Main Play Space where most of our play happens.  The activities are the bike path, a double slide, rock wall climber, sandbox, tunnel, pipe works, cluster of play houses, the garden, basketball hoops, science table and airplane.  Also included is large paved area for chalk, hopscotch, bubbles or dancing.  A separate enclosed play yard is available for our children under 3.

The third area is the Back Field which has an area for soccer and fast paced running games.  It also provides a large area for animal pens to be set up when we have our annual farm visit.  At the bottom you will see how we use the play space for a Snow Maze in the winter.