Curriculum Highlights


We learned that any living thing that produces light is Bioluminescent. We explored glowworms in caves, fireflies in the meadow and jellyfish in the sea.  

Finding fireflies and glowing mushrooms in the meadow
You need flashlights in a dark cave
in the sea with glowing jellyfish and other sea creatures
Purchase tickets to take a boat ride to see glowing worms in the cave

Oregon Trail

A three week unit to learn hands on what pioneers endured as they traveled from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon in a covered wagon! To understand the experience we packed our covered wagon, stopping on the trail at the General Store and camped out. 

Your horse is important on the trail
Exploring a life size covered wagon
A stop at the General Store for supplies

The National Parks

Explore 5 of America's great National Parks, Acadia in Maine, Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, Yellowstone in Wyoming, Everglades in Florida and Sequoia National Park in California.  We learn about Park Rangers and what is unique to each park.

Boating in Acadia
Using binoculars in the Everglades, Crocodiles and many other living things are visible
Viewing the giant trees of Sequoia
We check off the many things we see in the Everglades
Exploring stalactites in Mammoth Caves
Looking at a Geyser like Old Faithful in Yellowstone
Our Park Ranger hosts a creature show


We learn about an exciting dog sled race of over 1000 miles from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.  We not only keep track of the Mushers racing but become a part of our own race facing the challenges of the Alaska wilderness while we care for our dogs.  We end the unit with a visit from a Musher and her dog team. 

News team providing daily updates
A team of sled dogs come to visit
Mapping the checkpoints on the trail
Feeling what it is like on a real racing sled
The Winning Musher and his lead dog

The first musher to cross the finish line and win!