How did Precious Beginnings begin?

Teaching preschool

Life as a preschool teacher has always been an outlet of great joy and constant creativity for me. After many years of teaching Daycare within the surrounding community, I came to Dover to teach in 1998. It was an opportunity to create a start up, one classroom preschool where I would be the sole teacher and the Director. It was exciting to build a new program and to put into place every item in the classroom as well as design and implement the administration of the program. Within three years, I achieved the national status of NAEYC Accreditation for the program. After six years, another teaching opportunity presented itself and I made the decision to take on this new position.

When the families heard I was going to leave, a group of Moms approached me and said, “We don’t want you to leave. We want you to stay and teach our kids. You should start your own school here in Dover! We’ll help you!” This was an idea that I had not thought about. I felt that it was something I should take into prayer and that I would discuss with my husband. It came as a confirmation to me that there was a work I was meant to do here in Dover and that it was not yet complete. The love and the support of the families was a true testament that I had to take the next step in my life as an educator and stay and begin this new work.

Opening Precious Beginnings

We began in the spring of 2004 in the basement of a local church in Dover with two classroom, twelve children, one teacher and my desire and commitment for the program and its families.I asked the Moms what name they wanted for the school, and they came up with “Precious Beginnings”.   Each day someone brought toys, or furniture or rugs for the classrooms.  There was a Mom who helped set-up the accounting and finances of the business and another Mom to help me with the licensing of the program with the state. Together we created the foundation of the school and each year the numbers grew from 12 to 24 to 36 to 48 to 52 to 56.  As we were entering our seventh year, we came to another turning point.   The opportunity to continue renting the classrooms in the basement of the church was no longer available to us.  Where would our beloved school go?  Was this the end?

A home on Centre Street

Whenever one door closes, another door opens.  And so it was with Precious Beginnings!  With the direction of prayer and the support of family, the ability to purchase the house at 15 Centre Street came to be.  By taking a leap of faith, we would have our own home for the school where we could put down permanent roots and build the school that had grown in our hearts and dreams.  A beautiful piece of property, a stunning house and a secure non-shared space that was all preschool was a dream come true.  It was a summer of hard work of renovating the three classrooms, moving the school and its contents to the new space, and getting inspected and licensed by the town and the state for our September opening!  Once again, there were parents there every day breaking down a chimney, setting up the playground climber, washing windows and so much more! Together, again, we lifted our school up and filled it with love.  This time, an important new addition had been made to the school.  My husband, Rick, left his computer networking career of 30 years to stand alongside me as co-owner and Business Manager of Precious Beginnings.  Now as a team, we both would support and nurture the school and carry it into the future years ahead.

Where are we now

We have completed five years in our home at 15 Centre Street!  Every year we look back with gratitude and joy at the success that is now Precious Beginnings.  It is a beautiful fabric that is woven with the individual threads of each family, each teacher, each child and each person that has been a part of the school.  With one dream, many hearts and an unconditional commitment to the future, our school is a place where education is limitless, teachers are passionate, love and acceptance is fostered and safety is unwavering.  Tomorrow and everyday to follow; will bring the opportunity for another child and another family to come and see why Precious Beginnings is truly a gift to us all!

Owners & Adminstration

Nancy Garron

Director & Co-Owner 

  • Staffing & Training 
  • Curriculum Coordination 
  • Evaluation of all children 
  • Parent Contact 

Rick Garron 

Business Manager & Co-Owner 

  • Tuition Billing 
  • New Enrollment
  • Financials 
  • Property Management